Kyiv Street Scene

Art For Ukraine #1

One of four original paintings from Kyiv street painters offered by auction in aid of British Ukrainian Aid.


An original watercolour painting depecting an autumnal scene in a Kyiv street. Painting seems in good condition. Housed in wooden frame with mount and glass. Frame a little worn.


Dimensions: 325mm x 450mm including frame

Watercolour: Kyiv Street Scene

The auction will run until 6pm on Wednesday, 30th November. This is a silent auction so no bids will be displayed. The highest bidders for each of the paintings will be notified by email. Once a proof of donation of the value bid to British-Ukrainian Aid has been received by ourselves they will then be able to collect their painting from us in Benson, South Oxfordshire.

You can bid for this painting or arrange a private viewing in Benson, please use our Contact Us form providing your telephone number and email address. If bidding please the name of the painting you are bidding for and how much you are prepared to bid/donate.